Account Support

Please call ahead to both pickup and delivery locations to make arrangements. Please document the name of the person you spoke with. See the load confirmation notes for any specific instructions.

Please make sure to notify CARPOOL if the estimated pickup or delivery dates change from the originally provided dates when accepting the shipment. Please email to provide an update.

Carpool requires that carrier provide the following shipment status updates by emailing

  • Arrival at and departure from shipper(s) within thirty (30) minutes of occurrence.
  • A minimum of one check call per day, prior to 10:00am, each day that carrier is in possession of this shipment.
  • Arrival at and departure from receiver(s) within thirty (30) minutes of occurrence.

Conduct a thorough inspection and notate any damages on the Bill of Lading and on the condition report, whether in electronic or paper format. If the pickup origin location refuses to sign the Bill of Lading, please also notate all damages on the gate pass and if applicable turn it in to the gate guard. Please email the condition report as proof of the vehicle condition at the origin.

Please invoice Carpool by emailing Please include an invoice, signed Bill of Lading (BOL) and a condition report. The BOL must show a diagram of each vehicle where the driver notated the vehicle condition and all pre-existing damage. Please make sure to verify and list the VIN number(s) on the Bill of Lading to confirm that the correct vehicle was transported. The BOL must include a legible pickup and delivery signature and a printed name of the signer. Please make sure to provide a Bill of Lading within 48 hours of delivery.

To report a claim, contact Our claims department will facilitate claims administration and resolution. Our team will coordinate with all parties involved to ensure timely resolution.