Getting Started

Please email to get signed up. Once you register you can get quotes, tender and track orders, pay your invoice and much more. Our proprietary optimization engine will pool and route your order with other shipments destined to similar destinations.

We are on a mission to reinvent vehicle distribution by leveraging smart optimization and routing technology. Our proprietary optimization engine efficiently consolidates and routes multiple vehicle shipments, while our digital matching algorithm assigns vehicles to car haulers with available space. 

We intend to bring transparency and better communication to the entire process with our mobile technology that allows for real-time tracking of the vehicle in transit. Additionally, our mission is to lower carbon emissions with our smart logistics.

We offer services across the United States and work with all shippers across the automotive lifecycle. We currently service OEMs, Dealers, Auctions, Rental Car Companies, Fleet Management Companies, Financial Institutions, Platforms and Personally Owned Vehicles (POVs).

Vehicles are insured from the time they are loaded on a trailer until they are delivered. All car haulers working with Carpool Logistics are fully vetted and have up to $500,000 in cargo liability insurance. In a rare event that your vehicle is damaged, we will facilitate the entire claims administration and provide a timely resolution.

We go the extra mile to reduce risk for our customers by holding car haulers in our network to the industry’s highest standards to increase on-time performance and lower safety incidents. We verify carrier operating authority, insurance, and safety ratings. Carriers are required to have minimum $100,000 and up to $500,000 in cargo liability insurance, and minimum $1,000,000 in auto liability insurance. In addition, Carpool Logistics holds additional contingent cargo and auto liability insurance to further enhance coverage and reduce risk for our customers.

Our compliance team partners with carrier monitoring service to screen insurance information, safety ratings and manage fraud prevention. Our compliance team continuously evaluates carriers to build one of the industry’s safest and most reliable car hauler networks.

We use a carrier scorecard that measures on-time pickup, on-time delivery, and claims ratio to assess carrier’s performance. Carriers with low scores are deactivated until they complete a service improvement plan.

Our proprietary optimization engine efficiently consolidates and routes multiple vehicle shipments which helps car haulers fill their trucks and reduces their empty traveled miles.