Shipment Support

Individuals planning to ship their personal vehicles can reach us at:
(404) 445-6597 ext. 2


  • Please email to get a quote.
  • Receive a quote via email with instructions to book the shipment.
  • Confirm booking and provide shipment details.
  • Pay for the shipment.
  • Carpool will assign your vehicle to a car hauler with available space.


  • Driver will contact you to arrange time for pickup (you or designated individual will need to be present).
  • Driver will arrive at pickup, check the vehicle condition, load the vehicle and ask you to sign off on the Bill of Lading (BOL).

In Transit

  • We will provide you with shipment updates in transit.
  • Driver will contact you to arrange time for delivery (you will need to be present for delivery).


  • Driver will contact you to arrange time for delivery (you or designated individual will need to be present).
  • Driver will arrive, unload the vehicle, confirm the vehicle condition, and ask you to sign off on the Bill of Lading (BOL) which will act as a Proof of Delivery (POD).
  • Thank you for your business, please book again!

It is preferable to ship luxury or exotic vehicles in an enclosed trailer. Enclosed trailer service is generally more expensive than the open option.

In order to receive most competitive pricing, it is preferred to provide a minimum of 48 hours of notice along with 1-3 day pickup window. Once we receive the order we will match your vehicle shipment with other vehicles traveling towards similar destinations and assign the driver with available space. Our pooling service provides the best option to save on transportation cost and to reduce carbon emissions.

Expedited service is available but will most likely increase the transportation cost. When a shipment is expedited it generally reduces flexibility to pool vehicles causing the cost to increase.

Please email to get a quote. We will ask you for minimal information about the vehicle and send you a quote via email with instructions to book the shipment. 

There are numerous factors that play a role in the vehicle transportation rate. Supply and demand is the main driver of the rate fluctuation over time.                       

  • Distance is the most important component, the further the distance the more it costs but lower the per mile cost.         
  • Transfer between urban areas is less expensive than transport to less populated areas.  
  • Size and weight also play a role, larger and heavier vehicles may require special accommodations.
  • Seasonality of the shipment is also taken into consideration. As demand increases so does the price to ship the vehicle.
  • Inoperable vehicles require specialized transportation therefore will have additional surcharges.

Open transport is generally the standard and more affordable option. Enclosed transportation requires special handling and will have additional surcharges.

Generally, including personal items is not advisable as personal items are not covered by insurance. However, a small suitcase or a box with less than 100 lbs. can be included in the trunk.

Your vehicle is insured from the time it is loaded on a trailer until it is delivered. All car haulers working with Carpool Logistics are fully vetted and have up to $500,000 in cargo liability insurance. In a rare event that your vehicle is damaged, CARPOOL will facilitate the entire claims administration and provide a timely resolution. For exotic and luxury vehicles, please provide value of the vehicle so we can ensure there is proper amount of cargo insurance during transit.

Prior to booking the shipment, you will be prompted to make a payment via credit card, ACH or PayPal. Payment is held in an escrow until successful transportation is complete.

Once the order is placed with the requested pickup date range, we will match the vehicle with other vehicles traveling in the similar direction and assign it to the driver with available space. We request 1-3 day pickup window to arrange the transportation. Once driver is assigned they will contact you to agree on estimated pickup time. If the shipment is urgent, expedited options are also available.

Vehicle pickup requires for the vehicle owner (or designated individual) to be present at pickup and delivery to confirm identity and to gain access to the vehicle.

Vehicle will be driven onto a car hauler. It is important vehicle keys are available and the driver seat has no obstructions so it could be driven onto the trailer. Once the vehicle is loaded it will be secured. Auto transport for inoperable or vehicles without keys can be arranged but requires special handling.

If information is provided in advance, we can arrange pickup or delivery with a smaller trailer. Also, different pickup or delivery location could be arranged with the driver. 

We offer visibility from the time vehicle is picked until it’s dropped off at its destination. We will notify you with shipment milestones until the vehicle is delivered.

Transporting vehicles is a complex process and there are a number of events that could delay the shipment. Traffic, delays due to previous drops in route, adverse weather conditions are all events that could delay the vehicle pickup or delivery. Drivers also have to follow US DOT regulations called “Hours of Service” which limit amount of hours a commercial driver can operate a truck. Our routing engine is designed to minimize any delays, however in rare instances when there is a delay our goal is to be extremely transparent and proactively communicate with our customers.

Once the vehicle is loaded, generally a truck will travel up to 500 miles per day depending on traffic and deliveries along the way. Drivers also have to follow US DOT regulations called “Hours of Service” which limit amount of hours a commercial driver can operate a truck.

In rare instance when damages occur, report the claim by contacting and submitting required documents. It is imperative that any damages are marked on the original Bill of Lading (BOL) as proof for any damages caused during transit. Car hauler that hauled the shipment is liable for loss or damage in accordance with applicable law. Our team will facilitate the claims administration and resolution. We will coordinate with all parties involved to ensure timely resolution. Please provide the following documents to process the claim: 1. Claims form, 2. BOL, 3. Repair estimate, 4. Photos of the damage.