Built In: The Future 5 of Atlanta Tech, Q3 2022

By Ashley Bowden
September 8, 2022

Sure, the latest initiatives from the Teslas, Apples and Googles of the industry tend to dominate the tech news space — and with good reason. Still, the tech titans aren’t the only ones bringing innovation to the sector.

In an effort to highlight up-and-coming startups, Built In has launched The Future 5 across 11 major U.S. tech hubs. Each quarter, we will feature five tech startups, nonprofits or entrepreneurs in each of these hubs who just might be working on the next big thing. Read our round-up of Atlanta’s rising startups from last quarter here.

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From logistics and fintech to e-commerce and beyond, the Atlanta tech scene is sure to deliver. While the big corporations tend to take the stage, the city is home to a range of young innovators looking to share the limelight. 

Built In spoke with five pre-Series A startups who are putting their all into developing solutions to improve the daily lives of people everywhere. These Atlanta-based creators are leveraging tech in unique ways, from using blockchain to streamline employment to applying AI to assist product development.

Read on to find out what these companies are building and how their solutions could shape the future of tech.

Technology has streamlined logistics processes across the freight industry. Think of how quickly your Amazon package, for example, arrives at your doorstep after you’ve tracked its delivery status for two days. Carpool Logistics wants to bring that same logistics visibility into automotive shipping.

“One of the challenges in this space is it’s very unreliable — we never know when a vehicle’s going to be picked up or when it’s going to be delivered,” Michael Malakhov, Carpool’s co-founder and CEO, told Built In. “We’re trying to really bring a lot of transparency into this space.”

Serving dealerships, auto auctions, fleet companies and individuals, Carpool’s internal transportation management system allows multiple clients to share space on one truck. By bundling the shipping of these vehicles, Carpool helps businesses save money by making fewer shipments. It also lessens carbon emissions by ensuring fewer half-full trucks are on the road.

Having grown substantially since its inception, the company currently transports more than 1,800 transports each month. Its goal is to be one of the top players in the automotive logistics space.

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