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Buying and selling cars is a full-time job and the last thing you need to worry about is organizing transport. Put your mind at ease and partner with a reliable logistics company that understands the importance of speed and arbitration timelines.

Acquire inventory anywhere in the country with the confidence that it will be delivered on time. We already ship cars from most auctions and we can accommodate a full load or bundle your single vehicle with other cars.

Are you ready to sell cars online? We can manage every aspect of your trade-in pick up and home delivery. Partner with a logistics company that will act as an extension of your team, by providing the shipping experience consumers expect. Our solution is designed to provide customers with fast delivery, tracking capabilities, and transparent communication. 

CarpoolLogistics Blog

Fast + reliable

Our transport solution is built to meet your arbitration deadlines.

Save time + money

We bundle cars so you can save time and money on every shipment.

Home delivery

Sell cars online with the confidence that Carpool has home delivery puzzle solved.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I register my dealership to ship vehicles with Carpool?

Signing up for Carpool as a dealer is easy. Simply complete the three steps below.

Step 1: Click the "Ship with Carpool button" or go to our Contact Page.

Step 2: Fill out the contact form and select "I am a Shipper."

Step 3: Our team will reach out to set up your account!

Once you register, you can get quotes, book and track orders, pay your invoice, and much more.

What is vehicle bundling?

Vehicle bundling (a.k.a. Carpooling) is the process of combining multiple vehicles into loads. We have the expertise and technology to efficiently bundle vehicles into loads.

40% of transporters have at least one empty space increasing shipping costs. When we bundle cars, you save money and cars get shipped faster, plus we reduce excess carbon emissions. This is so important to us that we named our company Carpool.

How does home delivery process work?

Consumers expect shipping to be fast, cheap, and transparent while shipping a car can be the opposite. We have designed our home delivery process to closely align with today’s consumer expectations.  

Our solution is designed to provide fast and cost-effective option for shipping a car. Our processes and technology are built to provide tracking updates and transparency throughout the entire shipping process. We offer easy to use SMS platform for customers to communicate and get updates.

Do you deliver single or multiple vehicles?

Whether you need to ship one or multiple cars, we can transport any vehicle regardless of the condition. Transporters in our network have a wide range of equipment types to accommodate any vehicle.

We offer enclosed transportation for classic or luxury vehicles. We also offer transportation for inoperable vehicles. Our delivery experts can jump-start, winch, and bring a rollback to transport any car in any condition.

  • Open car haulers
  • Enclosed car haulers
  • Flatbed trucks
  • Rollback trucks
  • Ball trailer hitch
  • Winch
  • Jump-box
How is Carpool different from Central Dispatch and other Brokers?

At Carpool, we manage the entire transportation process. Unlike Central Dispatch and other Brokers, we take responsibility for every step of the transportation process from carrier vetting, scheduling, condition report, and if necessary, claims management.

We are proud to make vehicle transportation easy.

  Central Dispatch Brokers Carpool
Manage entire transportation process
Bundle cars (save time + money)
Source carriers
Verify insurance
Shipment tracking
Manage claims
Are vehicle condition reports required?

Absolutely. We require that every vehicle undergoes a complete condition report at pickup and delivery. We take quality very seriously, that’s why we go to great lengths to carefully vet all transporters on our platform and follow thorough procedures so we can prevent damages.   

In rare situations when there is damage, we take full responsibility for the entire claims process so once the claim is submitted you just get a check in the mail.

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