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Shipping a car can be really overwhelming. We make it easy. Whether you are a snowbird, relocating, or buying a car online, you can cross car shipping off your to-do list.

With our nationwide coverage, you can get a quote, schedule pickup, and wait for the car to arrive in your driveway. You will get tracking updates throughout the journey or can reach us by text message at any time. When in our possession, your vehicle is insured from the time it is loaded until it is delivered.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get a quote to ship my vehicle?

Getting a quote is easy! Simply complete the three steps below.

Step 1: Click the "Ship with Carpool button" or go to our Contact Page.

Step 2: Fill out the contact form and select "I am a Shipper."

Step 3: Enter your name and contact information.

That's it! Our team will reach out to quote your transport!

How does the home delivery process work?

We specialize in making home delivery a seamless experience. Our solution is designed to provide a fast and cost-effective option for shipping a car. We will coordinate the entire process from providing a quote, scheduling a pick-up, and organizing the delivery. Sit back and relax! We will send you text message updates throughout every step of your vehicle delivery.

Is my vehicle insured during transit?

Yes. Every vehicle is insured from the time it is loaded on a trailer until it is delivered. All car haulers on our platform are fully vetted and carry up to $500,000 in cargo liability insurance.

What is a Vehicle Condition Report and why do I need one?

A Vehicle Condition Report is an inspection of the interior and exterior of your vehicle. Your car will undergo a vehicle condition report at pickup and delivery.

This ensures your car is delivered in the same condition it was picked up. In the rare event that your vehicle is damaged in transit, we will facilitate the entire claims administration process and provide a timely resolution.

How do I track my vehicle during shipment?

We offer the ability to track from the time your vehicle is picked until it’s dropped off at its destination. We will notify you of shipment milestones until the vehicle is delivered. Additionally, you can always reach us via text at any time.

What is vehicle bundling?

Vehicle bundling (a.k.a. Carpooling) is the process of combining multiple vehicles into loads. We have the expertise and technology to bundle vehicles into loads, so you save money and cars get shipped faster, plus we reduce excess carbon emissions. This is so important to us that we named our company Carpool.

How does Carpool Logistics reduce carbon emissions?

40% of car haulers carriers have at least one empty space, increasing transportation costs and excess carbon emissions.

We efficiently consolidate and route multiple vehicle shipments to help car haulers fill their trucks and reduce their empty traveled miles.

Together we can all help reduce excess carbon emissions.

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