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Stop wasting time and make more money. We build partnerships with our carriers. Everything we do is designed to make your life easier and help you earn more money.

Your job is hard enough, so we optimize shipments by bundling multiple vehicles so you can earn more and reduce empty miles. We pay within two days with no fee so you increase your earning potential and grow your business.

Hassle-free Booking

Transparent pricing and simplified booking process. Eliminate manual paperwork.

Get Paid Fast

No more chasing down payments. Get paid within 48 hours via ACH with NO FEE.

More Shipments

Nationwide inventory of shipments means less empty space and more money in your pocket.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I register to haul vehicles with Carpool?

Signing up for Carpool is easy! Simply click this link and register your company to haul with Carpool.

What is vehicle bundling?

Vehicle bundling (a.k.a. Carpooling) is the process of combining multiple vehicles into loads. 40% of car haulers have at least one empty space increasing costs.

We have the expertise and technology to bundle vehicles into loads, so you can make more money and cars get shipped faster, plus we reduce excess carbon emissions. This is so important to us that we named our company Carpool.

Do you really pay in 48 hours?
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