Carpool Logistics Takes its Place Among Atlanta’s Tech Leaders

Today marks a significant milestone by joining the ranks of esteemed companies displayed on the prominent Atlanta Tech Village sign. This placement signifies the company’s growing influence within the Atlanta tech ecosystem and its commitment to disrupting the traditional car shipping industry.

Carpool Logistics offers a revolutionary approach to vehicle transportation. Their platform leverages technology to optimize shipping logistics by connecting shippers with available space on existing carriers. This not only reduces costs and emissions but also provides real-time tracking and transparency throughout the shipping process.

Atlanta Tech Village serves as a vibrant hub for technology and innovation, attracting diverse startups, established tech giants, and angel investors. This collaborative environment fosters the development of groundbreaking ideas, making it the perfect platform for Carpool Logistics to showcase its disruptive approach.

“Our presence on the Atlanta Tech Village sign represents a pivotal moment in our journey,” says Michael Malakhov, CEO of Carpool Logistics. “It reaffirms our commitment to revolutionizing the car shipping industry and highlights our role within Atlanta’s thriving tech scene.”

With a recent investment from Atlanta Ventures & Overline VC, and a growing customer base, Carpool Logistics is poised for further expansion. Our position among Atlanta’s leading tech innovators serves as a testament to our potential and strengthens our resolve to reshape the future of car shipping.

Carpool Logistics’ presence on the Atlanta Tech Village sign signifies more than just individual success; it symbolizes the collaborative spirit and innovative energy that drives Atlanta’s tech sector. As Carpool Logistics accelerates towards a future of efficient, transparent, and sustainable car shipping, we invite others to join us on this transformative journey.

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