Automotive Logistics

The automotive industry is going through a renaissance. The key to these developments are four trends most easily remembered by the acronym ACES: autonomous driving, connectivity, the electrification of vehicles, and shared mobility. Given the industry transformation, the global automotive logistics market is projected to grow to approximately $370.8B by 2026 with a 6.2% CAGR. The US car haul transportation segment is approximately $10B, which is expected to reach $13B by 2026. A leading trend which is predicted to drive growth for the automotive logistics companies is the integration of smart technologies.

One of the key technologies which is anticipated to yield growth for logistics companies transporting automobiles is cloud technology. Cloud technology offers several benefits to a transportation company, such as better customer experience in terms of speed, lower prices, and the ability to track vehicles in transit. Cloud technology enables logistics service providers to manage their businesses efficiently, thus allowing continuous communication with suppliers and customers. These factors are projected to gain traction in the coming years which will have a significant impact on the automotive logistics market.

Transition from the combustion engine into electric vehicles by the OEMs is going to require increased coordination and collaboration with the finished vehicle transport providers. The new electric vehicle OEM entrants planning for direct consumer sales will need to establish transportation supply chains and will also require significant flexibility as they scale their businesses. While increasing their presence of digital retailing and digital auctions will continue to drive demand for logistics services.

Digital integration and the ability to seamlessly share information by automotive logistics providers will play a significant role throughout this transition. The automotive logistics industry has historically lacked technology sophistication; therefore, it is important for OEMs, Dealers, Auctions, and the entire automotive ecosystem to partner with transportation providers that are aligned with the industry’s increasing digitization demands.

CARPOOL is an automotive logistics company that leverages technology to optimize vehicle distribution. Our digital platform connects vehicle shippers with car haulers that have available space on their trucks. Our proprietary optimization engine efficiently consolidates and routes multiple vehicle shipments while our digital matching algorithm assigns vehicles to car haulers. Our mobile technology allows for status notifications and real-time tracking of vehicles in transit. We are on a mission to reinvent vehicle distribution and reduce carbon emissions.

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