Carpool Values

After experiencing multiple company cultures in large, medium, and small organizations we spent considerable time to define “What does culture mean at CARPOOL?”. As organizations grow we have often seen company cultures erode into empty core values that executives undermine and employees ignore as they see through the façade. We were determined to build a better company where culture and values actually mean something. 

It takes a lot of effort to retain a culture as the organization grows but it all starts with a definition that is meaningful and provides emotional attachment. Selecting core values that we as founders have actually lived by has created an emotional attachment that doesn’t require us to memorize them, but instead provides for an uncompromising commitment. Companies considering partnering with us should be given the opportunity to understand what kind of people we are and what we stand for. So, here are The Core Values of Carpool Logistics:

1. The customer is at the center of our journey.

We have a genuine interest in our customers, their challenges, and opportunities. Our solution has been built based on the challenges customers face in the industry and we intend to continue to listen, learn and redefine customer experience. If we foresee potential challenges in the future, we discuss them early and transparently with the customer. We keep our promises and do not wait for miracles.

2. We love innovating and solving complex problems.

Our goal is to challenge the status quo, to invent, be curious, learn and reinvent the vehicle supply chains. Our mission is to digitize supply chains through our proprietary optimization algorithms, innovative distribution design and key industry partnerships. We believe in green supply chains and in reducing the carbon footprint by relentlessly improving distribution networks.

3. We raise expectations with our bias for action.

With rapidly changing supply chains, we initiate bias for action to quickly adapt to market conditions, offer flexibility, proactive communication, and have a mindset for continuous improvement. To exceed customer expectations, we raise the bar for our team, our service levels, our products, and our suppliers. Even in unpredictable times, we stay optimistic and resilient while persistently looking for solutions.

4. We earn trust with every interaction.

Trust is a scarce commodity in the logistics industry as promises to customers, suppliers, and employees are constantly broken. Our principles stand for unwavering integrity, commitment to our purpose and courage to act. Our goal is to build trust in the vehicle logistics industry to provide all stakeholders with optimal visibility, transparency, and accessibility by showing commitment to the highest levels of integrity.

5. We deliver measurable value.

Solving customer’s problem starts with listening and truly understanding the pain points before providing a service. Our approach is built on the foundation that we seek a long-term partnership with our customers by earning trust with every transaction, while providing measurable value and great service. Our customer dashboards are meant to be transparent to highlight the good and the bad, not conceal our failures. We look for open dialogue so we can continue to improve, not hide when mistakes occur. We look to build a sustainable and mutually beneficial relationship with our customers.

We love what we do and that gives us so much energy to find solutions for our customers. Our obsession to improve customer experience is at the core that keeps us motivated to learn and reinvent vehicle distribution. We see logistics as a complex puzzle and truly enjoy solving the riddle. The logistics industry requires hard work, but we always take the opportunity to have fun, reenergize and refocus with renewed energy. The five values we summarized above guide our behavior and define CARPOOL as a company.

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