Carpool Vision

We’re on a mission to reinvent vehicle distribution and reduce carbon emissions.

Inconsistent service levels in the automotive logistics

The vehicle logistics industry has historically lacked sophistication, with transportation services offering inconsistent service levels, in some cases as low as 65% on-time delivery. Additionally, due to the significant fragmentation of car haulers service levels have large variance. Currently, 89% of the volume is handled by car haulers with less than six units in their fleet.

The nature of ‘single’ LTL vehicle shipments requires significant planning and efficient consolidation, most of which is currently handled manually by personnel that have other job duties such as dispatching, managing accounts, etc. Planning a full load of cars is often a side project, hence extremely low efficiency levels in the industry with 40% of car haulers traveling with empty space.

The lack of vehicle tracking capabilities in transit have exasperated the inconsistent service levels with very low trust in the industry. The lack of precision, for an on-time vehicle pickup, along with no visibility to track the vehicle in transit often results in an unpleasant customer experience.

The Amazon Effect of full visibility and instant gratification has further amplified this effect within the B2B space but also the growing B2C segment as consumers are increasingly purchasing more vehicles online.

We set out to build a better way to ship vehicles

We started CARPOOL with a simple idea: to use advanced technology to improve customer experience with a goal to drive down cost and reduce emissions. Our core focus revolves around the customer, that’s why we obsess over things like efficiency, minimizing cost, frequent candid communication, and developing smarter tools that provide better insights.

Our proprietary optimization engine efficiently consolidates and routes multiple vehicle shipments with the goal to reduce cost of transportation. Eliminating empty space on a car hauler reduces cost for the shipper, increases earning potential for the car hauler and lowers carbon emissions.

Our digital matching algorithm assigns vehicles to car haulers with available space to increase on-time pickup and delivery of vehicles while mobile technology allows for status notifications and real-time tracking of inventory in transit. Better planning and in-transit visibility improve customer experience.

Although our business and the technology we build will continue to evolve, our mission will always remain the same: to use advanced technology to constantly improve customer experience. Welcome to the future of vehicle distribution.

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