Our Customers are at the Center of our Journey

Learn more about why one of our core values is our approach to our customers.

We launched Carpool Logistics, with five critical core values in mind. Each was (and still is) extremely important to us as founders but they were also key to establishing a strong foundation for the company.

That simple definition played a critical role in our success and rapid growth. The core values are strongly woven into our culture and our team.

One of our core values is our approach to our customers.

Customer Experience

The automotive logistics industry has historically been afflicted with inconsistent service levels. Some instances show a record of on-time delivery occurring only 65% of the time. Additionally, due to the significant fragmentation in the industry, the service levels have large variance. Currently, 89% of the volume is handled by car haulers with less than six units in their fleet.

We started Carpool Logistics with a simple idea: to use advanced technology to improve customer experience. Our solution is based on the challenges customers face in the automotive industry. We intend to continue to listen, learn, and redefine customer experience.

We believe that our customers’ goals are aligned with the goals of Carpool Logistics. This belief drives genuine interest in our customers, their challenges, and opportunities. That is why we constantly obsess over things like:

  • Delivery turnaround times
  • Reducing cost
  • Frequent candid communication
  • Developing smarter tools that provide better experience

If we foresee potential challenges, we discuss them early and transparently with our customers.

Customer Centric

Our customer centric approach has helped us create strong partnerships with our customers. We take the time to understand the pain points and create solutions that make our customers’ lives easier. Quick response time, timely problem resolution, and proactive communication are all simple but important examples of developing customer alignment.

Amazon popularized customer centric strategy with their success, so now every organization touts the same but there is a big difference. There is a large gap between proclaiming that an organization is customer centric and actually delivering on that promise.

To satisfy various stakeholders, many businesses have a short-term view on profits which often runs against the customer centric approach. Instead, viewing the customer-supplier relationship with a long-term lens offers a much more aligned outcome.


It all begins with trust, which is a scarce commodity in the logistics industry. Historically, promises to customers, suppliers, and employees are constantly broken. Similarly, developing a trusting relationship with a customer is also often in conflict with profits for many businesses. At Carpool Logistics, we see things differently.

Our goal is to build customer trust with every interaction and provide all stakeholders with optimal visibility and transparency. We look for an open dialogue so we can continue to improve, not hide when mistakes occur. Tough conversations are important to develop trust with a customer. We look to build a sustainable and mutually beneficial relationship with our customers.

Business to Business (B2B) or Business to Consumer (B2C)

We have a wide spectrum of customers in our portfolio varying from large commercial businesses to individuals that need to ship a vehicle. Auto auctions, OEMs, dealers, rental fleets, and individuals – all have very different expectations and definition of success for vehicle deliveries. To have a successful outcome, each customers’ needs must be clearly defined along with the tailored solution to reach a successful outcome.

At Carpool Logistics, clearly understanding each audience and answering this simple question ‘What does success look like?” has gone a long way in creating a successful solution for our customers. Regardless of the customer need, we found one common theme that satisfies all customers – easier, timely, and accurate access to information. Whether that is a status update, ETA for pickup/delivery, proof of delivery, condition report, or much more.

Technology that makes life easier & better.

Our goal is to continue to accelerate the speed of information exchange. The best way to accomplish that is by digitizing supply chain operations and developing technology that answers the questions on demand. We are excited about our developing technology and we are committed to delivering smarter tools for our customers. These tools not only make life easier but better, and greener.

We appreciate our customer partnerships and love to find solutions for our customers. Our obsession to improve customer experience is at our company core. It keeps us motivated to learn and reinvent vehicle distribution.

Logistics is a complex puzzle and we truly enjoy solving the riddle. We intend to continue to challenge the status quo, to invent, be curious, learn and reinvent the vehicle supply chains.

Written by Michael Malakhov, Co-Founder & CEO of Carpool Logistics.

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